Thursday, May 22, 2008

just starting to blog

I was just carried away and really enthusiastic to start blogging after attending a workshop at my office on blogging yesterday. I want to start but dint no anything on blogs, infact i had and am having a lot of interest on blogs but just needed a start.
I started to type the urls of wordpress and blogspot so as to create a a/c, but luckily or unluckily wordpress has been blocked in my office, so had to choose this one.
I clicked the mouse on the home page eagerly to create an a/c and started to enter the details and went to give a username started with names such as ibllogss,blogs,bloggs and many more trails which only failed saying not available. I Finally was euphoric when i was struck with the idea of putting the name as TEATIMEBLOGS(sorry for coffee lovers; may be u can try out something like coffeetimeblogs:-) )...
and just wanted to pendown sorry sorry.... typedown or qwertydown some blog and it resulted in this blog... a non useful blog (rather than calling it a useless)

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